Absent from School

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If your child is going to be absent from school, will be arriving late or needs to leave early for an appointment, please use the school app to log your absence.

You can use the JSR App to log all absenses, including half day, full day or more than a week. 
The App works exactly the same way as it would if you emailed the school. All absentees logged via the App go directly to the Student Administration team.
To log an absence:

1. Click the Absentee button on the App.

2. Add the parent and guardian details.

3. Answer, ‘Is it just for today?.

If you click YES you will be asked if it is an ‘all day absence’. 

If you are registering an appointment, click NO and fill in the times you will collect your student from school and the anticipated return time.

4. Fill in your child’s information and the reason for the absence. If applicable, you can add multiple siblings to the absentee list.

5. Once completed, click the Submit button.

Please note: 
  • You will receive an email confirming your submission
  • The App will hold your most recent submissions
  • Your personal details are not kept by any external company
  • The ‘absent to date’ you enter indicates the last day your child/children will be absent. 
  • If your child/children will be away for an extended period of time, please email [email protected] with detailed information regarding the reason and return to school date.

Alternatively, you may call the Absentee phone number, 9247 9333  and leave a message. Please note that written confirmation in the form of an email or handwritten note is still required.