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Chaplaincy is an integral part of our school community and we are fortunate to have a team of chaplains, interns, chapel captains (in primary) and chapel prefects (in secondary) ministering to us.


Our chaplains are a visible Christian presence in the school community.

  • They are available to anybody in need of confidential support in the day to day life of our school and also in times of high need and crisis. Our Chaplains are part of the larger pastoral ministry offered by so many in our school -including counsellors, Directors of Pastoral Care, PCG tutors and many more.
  • Our Chaplaincy team lead the school community in worship – regular worship in Chapel for different cohorts in our school, at major events in the school’s life, celebrating key festivals of the Church’s year and offering support and hope through pastoral services in the face of loss and sadness.
  • Our Chaplains support teaching, service learning and support staff across our school acting as a resource to enable additional opportunities for the faith formation of students, staff and the wider community.
  • As Anglican clergy, our Chaplains also connect our school to the wider story of the Anglican Communion.

Baptism and First Holy Communion

Baptism signifies membership in the Christian faith and (in the Anglican tradition) is available to individuals of any age.


It is a significant commitment and requires preparation to make sure that those who are presenting for Baptism understand what it is they are promising to do and who they intend to follow. We offer Baptism annually – generally in the second half of the year.


Gathering to celebrate Holy Communion (also called the Eucharist) is also an important aspect of the Anglican approach to the Christian faith.


We ask that children and young people undertake some preparation before they are admitted to Communion. This often takes place at they same time as they prepare for Baptism and in that instance they are baptised and admitted at the same service of worship. We offer admission to communion at the same time as our Baptism preparation.

For more information about Baptism and Admission to Communion please contact our Chaplaincy team on [email protected]

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