Choose Your Fate - The Serum of Fury

Chose Your Fate - The Serum of Fury

Do you remember reading ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books as a child? If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, these books invite the reader to interact with the story by choosing from a range of ‘what happens next’ scenarios. The story then branches along different paths based on the choices made by the reader. If you don’t like where your choices take you, you can go back and start again exploring multiple different endings. Some Year 8 English students have tackled a more modern version of these books. They have created online stories as part of their study of the superhero genre.


Combining the superhero genre with the interactive nature of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ stories offered students a unique educational opportunity. They explored themes of morality, ethics, and consequence. By allowing the reader to make decisions that impact the outcome of the story, these genres fostered critical thinking, empathy, and creativity making them invaluable tools for learning and personal growth.


‘Choose Your Fate – The Serum of Fury’ by Lucy Bell is a fantastic example of the power of storytelling. The narrative takes you on a thrilling literary adventure that is entertaining and educational. Lucy masterfully employed various characterisation techniques to bring compelling protagonists and antagonists to life. Lucy adhered to and manipulated genre conventions to create dynamic and unforgettable characters. She has crafted a story with multiple conflicts, climax and resolution, effectively communicating underlying missions, morals and themes.


Setting ‘Choose Your Fate – The Serum of Fury’ apart is an engaging narrative style, building tension and excitement through diverse language features. Lucy’s fluency and precision in writing, combined with the interactive elements where readers’ decisions shape the fate of the story’s characters, ensure a seamless and immersive reading experience.


Are you feeling brave? Dare you play? If your answer is yes, your fate awaits you here.

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