Co-curricular activities are a vital part of an education at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School. The School offers a wide range of co-curricular activities to all students. The activities vary from year to year to cater for personal interests, passions and strengths in students. 

Most activities run before and after school, however, occasionally, a co-curricular program runs at lunchtime to maximise participation.

Through the co-curricular programme we encourage students to be participators, to gain skills, extend their personal boundaries and develop confidence in their growing abilities to handle new challenges. Under the guidance of encouraging staff, students can choose to compete in a wide range of interschool sporting competitions. 

Those who have an interest in distant places may join The Foreign and Community Languages who offer frequent opportunities for language students to travel to Indonesia as well as involving JSRACS students in the exchange student programme by hosting overseas students.

The co-curricular programme also contains a community service element which encourages compassion and civic responsibility in our students. Our students collect food for Anglicare, shake collection tins for Daffodil Day, buy pink paraphernalia on Pink Ribbon Day and support two children through World Vision.

Some co-curricular opportunities which currently exist for our students include ACC and Champion Schools after school sport, choirs, bands and ensembles, dance and drama productions, Computer Club, Emergency Services Cadet Unit, Bush Ranger Cadet Unit, Debating, Theatre Sports, Wakakirri, orienteering, the exchange student programme and the peer support programme.

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