Learning about the environment is an important aspect of the curriculum at JSRACS, both in the classrooms and during co-curricular activities.

Eco-Kids is a co-curricular programme designed to encourage young students to become involved in a number of important projects centred on waste management, recycling, sustainable practice, environmental conservation and maintenance.

Throughout the year Eco-Kids participants are given opportunities to design and make scarecrows for the kitchen garden, explore the natural bush, plant seeds, seedlings and fruit trees, spread mulch, lay pavers, maintain the worm farms, care for our pet stick insects, keep our outdoor areas clean and clear of litter, reuse and recycle materials, water the garden and sit by the fire pits and toast marshmallows.

Being in Eco-Kids allows children to nurture their interest in caring for the world around us.  It provides opportunities for active hands on learning experiences, with transferrable skills that are applicable at school and home.  Eco-Kids students are very busy and productive!