Foreign and Community Languages

This year, the Foreign and Community Languages Department has again been blessed with visitors from Indonesia and Italy, and also during 2015 have welcomed French and Japanese exchange students. The Languages department is also excited about the future development of a partnership with Wuzhou Senior High School in China.
Our annual Bali School trip was yet again popular throughout the school, students getting the amazing opportunity to head to Bali and become involved in local schools, take intensive Indonesian classes at IALF ( Indonesia Australia Language Foundation ) which greatly improve their language skills, learn how to dance Balinese style, learn how to cook delicious Indonesian food and along the way make life-long friends not only with students from other years but from our two exchange schools in Bali.

Every second year students studying Italian in years 10, 11, and 12 are given the magnificent opportunity to visit Italy. This is a three-week experience that helps to improve their language, cultural understanding and build strong friendships with students from our Italian partner school. The next fantastic Trip will be in 2017, and students will get to enjoy site-seeing, being hosted by the families from our partnership school, giving them a stronger understanding of what life is like in Italy, and attend classes at our partnership school to improve on their Italian.

After School Community Languages

Continuing on this year with our Greek and Mandarin afterschool community language classes, students are delighted to have the opportunity to improve on their fluency and language skills including reading, writing and listening.

We have a wonderful exchange programme with Harapan Christian School, Denpasar, Bali. Every year our JSR students have the opportunity to go on exchange with the Bali School Trip and meet and study with students from our partner school. Then in Term Four eight students and two teachers from Harapan come to JSR for four weeks.

Thank you to our wonderful host families who hosted our eight exchange students from Harapan Christian School, Denpasar, Bali for four weeks in Term 4. Pak Jorus, Pak Budiarsa and the Languages department would like to thank you for your participation in this wonderful exchange program. Your role as a host family was fulfilled with warmth, patience and understanding. The School thanks you for helping to promote the importance of intercultural understanding in our community. Your support for our Bali partnership is greatly appreciated.