Ski Trip

All Year 11 students who are going into Year 12 at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School have the opportunity to be a part of a once in a lifetime ski trip in their last year of schooling. The trip is to Hakuba in Japan and it gives the students a chance to experience life in the snow for a week and to try and master the skill of skiing or snowboarding. The trip takes place in January during the summer holidays each year. The students stay in a gorgeous hotel with amazing views of the Hakuba Valley, and have lessons incorporated into their package. They also get to experience night skiing under the floodlights at the Goryu beginners run, and at the end of their 5 days enjoying the snow, all students relish being able to work their way down the mountain on a pair of ski’s or a snowboard.
Although the students hate having to say goodbye to the snow as the bus starts making its way back to Tokyo, this only signals the start of the next phase of the trip – 2 days in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo! The group stay in a hotel only a short walk away from Tokyo Disneyland, and they get to enjoy all that Japan has to offer – The Meiji Shrine, the Imperial Palace, Traditional Japanese Restaurants and of course, the shopping. The group get two days and two nights in Tokyo, with the entire second day dedicated to Tokyo Disneyland, before heading back home to Perth ready for the start of the school year.