Connecting, Caring and Coping with Challenging Times

Change and uncertainty can be stressful for each of us, especially when bombarded with talk and information. However, it does help for us to have clear, factual information that we can trust and to feel that we still have a sense of control and familiarity in our lives. Whilst the situation is constantly changing, there are certain things everyone can do to help stay psychologically as well as possible.

  • Getting clear, trustworthy information: JSRACS will endeavour to update this part of the website regarding developments on how the school will be functioning. Students and families can access a friendly, clear, 4-minute video of what the COVID-19 virus is HERE.
  • Maintain familiarity: Wherever possible, maintain familiar routines – still eat, exercise, go to bed and get up at regular times. Engage in the activities (where possible) that you enjoy.
  • Maintain contact with others: PHYSICAL distancing – not social distancing. Whilst the way we do it may need to change (more online and less face to face), keeping contact with those we care about is really important.
  • Monitor your wellbeing: If being online too much leads to feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed, or distress, review what you are doing online and why.
  • Talk to people: We all need at least one trusted person with whom we can speak honestly and openly with to share worries, feelings, fears, hopes and dreams. There are many support networks available, such as, family, friends, teachers and mental health providers online who are also available for information and support. Please see attached sheet developed by Youth Focus on the range of services – from crisis support to useful apps which can be accessed 24/7.
  • Focus on what you CAN do: Whilst this is definitely a very challenging time, it is important to consider the opportunities and potential it gives us all to look at life differently, re-evaluate what is important and to use any freed up time to pursue things we normally would not have had the time or opportunity to do.

Below are some useful contact details and websites that may help you navigate our current situation:

  • You can find contact details for Counselling Services HERE.
  • Any young person who feels anxious specifically about the COVID-19 developments can access support and information from HeadSpace HERE.


Information for parents and tips to help families cope and connect:


Student Support


Community Support Services