Interhouse Music Festival

Interhouse Music Festival

This year marked the 14th anniversary of the JSRACS Interhouse Music Festival, which debuted in 2008. The Festival is an opportunity for our primary and secondary music students to perform as a soloist or in a small ensemble in an environment that is both supportive and held at a high standard.


The inaugural Music Festival was only open to Primary School students, and due to its success, the Festival was open to all students the following year. At this time, the Festival became an Interhouse competition, where students had the opportunity to not only perform in front of an audience and develop their musical talent but also contribute to the success of their House. With the newly created competition, the Music Festival was rebranded to the Interhouse Music Festival (IMF) we now have today. In this first year of House competition, our students performed elegantly, but alas, it was Sandleford who took home the House Shield in 2009, then again in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

The IMF has allowed students to perform and share their progression and accomplishment with the JSRACS music community, the school endeavouring to ensure that all adjudicators are external professionals within their field. This has allowed our students to receive both non-bias, constructive feedback and supportive of their growth as musicians.


From Old Scholars such as Aishah Chadwick-Stumpf (Class of 2015), who in 2011 won five medallions for her vocal, string and brass solo and ensemble sections. To current students such as Teneisha A (Class of 2022), who was in Year 1 when she first performed at the IMF and took the stage for the last time this year in a trumpet trio that received music medallions for their outstanding and professional performance.

A testament to the music program at JSRACS is Old Scholar Aishah Chadwick-Stumpf. Aishah, is now a music teacher, a highly respected singer and French Horn performer in Perth. Seeing this longevity of passion and talent within the music industry and personally is why we as a school continue to provide our students with opportunities such as IMF. Performance-based events such as the IMF allow our students to improve in a technical sense and grow as performers in a fun, and potentially nerve-wracking way, giving them a feeling of accomplishment and pride when they finish their performance to the sounds of applause.


This year saw over 250 performances over two days of competition. Congratulations to everyone who participated, and a huge thank you to Mrs Marsh and her team for coordinating such a special event.


The results for this year are as follows:

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