Kindness Rocks

This year a new co-curricular club was introduced in the Primary school. Called Kindness Krusaders, the  Year 5 teacher, Mrs Metcalf, started the club with the desire to create an inclusive group with the aim of spreading positivity around the School. It also was a way for students to further serve the School community by spreading kindness and encouraging other acts of kindness.

Authentic happiness is less about at what we do, and more about creating and maintaining a sense of meaningful engagement in our lives.
Painted Kindness rocks

The first project of the Kindness Club was creating Kindness Rocks! The students painted over 60 rocks, all with positive messages and images on them. The students then had great fun hiding them all around the school hoping that other students would find them.


Students across the school have enjoyed searching for these rocks and bringing them back to be rehidden for someone else to find. It is early days, but the club hopes that finding these rocks reminds students to smile, to take a moment to stop and find joy in their day and to spread that kindness to someone else. Sometimes it takes one small act of kindness to change a person’s day. What act of kindness will you do today?



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