Phases of Learning

Middle School Pastoral Care


Middle School Pastoral Care

We believe that every student has the ability to unlock their full potential by creating an engaging, positive learning environment. We support our students through their educational and personal developments during these formative years.


Through building strong meaningful relationships and creating a sense of belonging for each individual within our Middle School community, we ensure all students focus on their own personal development. We partner with parents to assist in this transition through adolescence and acknowledge the challenge that each child face during this time of their life.


Through a variety of Positive Education approaches, restorative practices, community service activities and through embracing diversity, we build each child’s resilience, self-motivation and global understanding.


Teachers work collaboratively in teams across the Middle School year, ensuring student learning and well-being are at the forefront of our day to day practice. Teachers are assisted by a range of support staff including Chaplain’s and psychologists, so each child is surrounded by a network of staff focused on their well-being.

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