JSR News Live is a short morning news program produced by students.  The show broadcasts on screens around the School live at 8:35am, just before the morning bell.   On the JSRNEWS YouTube channel you can also view the program live or play and comment on past episodes.

The show is produced in our TV Studio in the Media Room, which was installed in 2016.  The TV Studio consists of a room with a green screen, professional cameras, headsets, lighting and audio.  Outside the room is a professional mixing desk that allows students to create studio sets, live edit and stream.

There approximately 40 students on the JSR News Live crew that are divided into four daily news teams for Tuesday-Friday.  Within the teams they rotate through various production roles, including: anchor, camera, teleprompter, floor manager, editor and director.   Student are also responsible for script writing, producing the daily short story and creating graphics and logos.

The news covers recent school events, interviews with staff and students and daily notices and memos.   You can view some of our past episodes below.