Chaplaincy is an intergal part of our school community and we are fortunate to have 3 Chaplains working with the staff and students.

The chaplains have 3 areas of responsibility:

  1. To be a visible Christian presence in the school community, and available to anybody who needs confidential advice and support. While this may be particularly necessary in times of crisis, the Chaplain also aims to build life-giving relationships at all times. Chaplains engage in pastoral ministry in conjunction with that offered by the Associate Principals, House Coordinators and Teaching Staff.
  2. To lead the school community in liturgy – including regular worship for different sections of the school, major events in the school’s life and the key festivals of the church’s year.
  3. To support the Religious and Values Education teachers, and to provide additional opportunities for faith formation of students, staff and the wider community.

The School Chaplain is The Reverend Cheryl Absalom, who served in parish ministry for many years, before joining the school in July 2012.  Cheryl also trained as a Counsellor and Spiritual Director, which has proved to be very beneficial in her role as the School Chaplain.  Cheryl can be contacted via the school switchboard on 9247 2242 or on the school email at [email protected]

The Reverend Luke Durham is the Assistant Chaplain at Beechboro Campus and also the priest-in-charge at St Bede’s parish (Beechboro Campus). He can be contacted via the school switchboard 9247 2242, or by email on [email protected]

The Reverend Elizabeth Pemberton is the Assistant Chaplain at Mirrabooka Campus, with particular responsibility for high school students, and also teaches Religious Education.  Liz is passionate about encouraging the students to participate both in liturgy and in social justice issues within the wider community.  She can also be contacted through the school switchboard on 9247 2242 or email [email protected]

Baptism and First Holy Communion

Celebrating the Eucharist is an important and regular part of our school life. The practice across most of the Christian church is that a person ought to be baptised before receiving the sacrament. In the Anglican tradition, young people who are baptised and have an understanding of the Eucharist are formally ‘Admitted to Communion’.

The school offers the opportunity for Baptism and Admission to Communion to students in their early primary years, and again in year seven.  For enquiries please contact any of the Chaplains.