Late in 2014, JSRACS began the phased implementation of the SEQTA suite of applications with the teaching staff using SEQTA for attendance and pastoral care records.  In 2015 this was extended to teachers’ marks books, Semester reporting and the recording of teaching and learning programmes.

There are three elements to SEQTA:

1. SEQTA Teach – the teachers’ only portal.

2. SEQTA Learn – the students’ portal that allows a student to access key information from the School. The SEQTA Learn portal integrates with data entered into SEQTA Teach and provides students with an efficient system for online access, using their iPads.

3. SEQTA Engage – the parents’ portal that gives a parent access to the information available to students in SEQTA Learn, but with the ability for parents to access their children’s Pastoral Care and attendance summaries as well as Semester reports.

At the beginning of the 2016 school year, the SEQTA Learn portal was made available to students in Years 7-12 to view homework, communicate via “Direqtmessage” with teachers and access course materials. The introduction of SEQTA Learn has been well received by students, with many using the portal on a daily basis.

From Term 3, 2016 the Secondary School moved to the next phase of the implementation and provided parents with access to SEQTA Engage. This is the parent component of the SEQTA suite of applications.

Access to SEQTA Engage for parents of our Primary students will be made available in 2018. Parents will be informed of the exact date of this implementation closer to the actual date.

Access to SEQTA portals is by an Internet web browser. The connection is secure and login details are unique and passwords are configured for all users personally.  Parents will only be able to access timetable, course, and assessment information that is specific to their children.

As part of this transition to the full implementation of SEQTA at JSRACS, certain protocols need to be established.  It is important to advise parents that although the implementation of this system will enable students and parents to access information at anytime of the day, as well as the ability to contact the teachers, parents should not expect an instantaneous response. If a teacher is contacted outside of School hours during the week, at a weekend or during the holidays, then it is unreasonable to expect a response sometime before the teacher returns to work. As teachers spend most of their working day teaching in the classroom, a teacher may not be able to see or respond immediately during the course of a teaching day

A parent handbook on how to navigate around the SEQTA Engage portal can be downloaded below.

Parents who would like additional information on SEQTA should visit:

If you require any additional information on how SEQTA is used at the School, please contact Tom Dudek, Head of ICT & eLearning.