John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School is a school of The Anglican Schools Commission with a mission to build a Christian community of learners, to provide a quality educational experience, and to nurture the whole person in the three dimensions of mind, body and spirit.

Values Statement

With Christian beliefs and lifestyle as our foundation in affirmation that God is Creator our values are:
The fostering of a positive, meaningful relationship with God in Christ;
Belief in the capacity of individuals to realise their God given wholeness, instilling optimism and hope in themselves and others;
Empowering of individuals to discover, acknowledge and develop self-worth, individual skills and talents;
Respect for the dignity, beliefs and worth of self and others;
Respect and responsibility for the environment;
Belief in the fundamental importance of community responsibility for  the welfare and well-being of all persons and the building of collaborative and supportive relationships between all members of the School community.

Vision Statement

The vision of John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School is to be a dynamic, Christian, educational community that offers a broad education of high quality to students from diverse backgrounds. Each person will be encouraged to explore their spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and creative capacities.

The School will provide the best staff and facilities within the resources available to enable students to explore and achieve their full potential. Students will know that they are part of a caring and supportive Christian community that engenders positive self-esteem, unconditional positive regard for others and individual responsibility for actions.

When students leave the school they will be prepared for the next phase of their lives as independent learners. They will possess positive attitudes, values and skills that equip them for life in a rapidly changing society because they will have been educated in an environment which developed a capacity to sustain life-long learning and effective thinking.

Participation in a curriculum that is relevant, challenging and meaningful empowered students to achieve personal and academic goals by offering opportunities in the eight curriculum areas encouraged and supported students as they learned to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour towards others.

This helps students to develop a healthy life-style and a respect for themselves and others provided students with opportunities to recognise that active citizenship and care for others is a personal responsibility nurtured students spiritually and encouraged them to recognise that there is purpose and fulfilment in their lives allowed time for quiet repose and personal reflection.