Middle School

Middle School Video

The Middle Years of schooling includes Years 7 to 9, while Years 10 to 12 make up the Senior Secondary years.  The curriculum of each phase of learning is led by an Associate Principal and a Director of Teaching and Learning in conjunction with the Associate Principal Pastoral Care and a team of House Coordinators.

Middle Schools must be grounded in the diverse characteristics and needs of young people.  This concept lies at the heart of Middle Schooling at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School.  Middle School is a well-established and integral part of the school community and is located at the Mirrabooka campus.  Students Middle School are nurtured and cared for in an environment dedicated to their everchanging needs.

Pastoral care is at the heart of the Middle School community.  Students benefit from having the same PCG tutor from Year 7 through to Year 9.  The Middle School House Coordinators for the core of the Pastoral Care Team. The Chaplains and Education Support Services assist this team in supporting our student’s wellbeing.