Students in the Middle School have many opportunities to become involved in leadership positions. These positions are guided by the Associate Principal for Middle School, the Director of Teaching and Learning for Middle School and the six Middle School House Coordinators. Further details regarding the specific role of the House Co-ordinators can be found on the pages that deal with Pastoral Care.

Pastoral Care Groups in Year 7 and 8 elect two Student Councillors to represent their PCG and House for the duration of the school year. Elected students are commissioned in early February, becoming actively involved in House events, fundraising activities and providing an important voice for the students in their PCG.

Year 9 students have two leadership positions they may choose to nominate for: Middle School House Captain or overall Middle School Captain. Middle School House Captains work closely with the House Co-ordinators and Senior School House Captains to promote House spirit, particularly during major school events such as the Interschool Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Hymn Singing and Theatre Sports, leading Middle School assemblies and other key school events. Middle School Captains also work with the School Captains and the Associate Principals, playing a key role in Founder’s Day, fundraising events, assemblies and other whole school events.

A key responsibility for our Year 9 leaders is participating in the Year 6 Peer Support Programme.  This involves assisting with Year 6 camp and preparing and delivering ‘getting to know you’ activities with the Year 6 cohort.  They consolidate their work with our Year 6 students at the Year 7 Orientation day.  This programme helps develop confidence and leadership skills for our Year 9 students.

Students elected to the above positions act as role models for their peers. They are amongst the first members of the school community that new parents meet, through their role as tour guides on open days. Consequently, they are expected to uphold the values of the School at all times.