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Primary Student Leadership


Primary Student Leadership

Leadership in the Primary years is most easily identified as the Primary School Captains standing at the front of assembly or representing the School during events, but it covers much more.  It is about all the small things done on a daily basis, as individuals, as students who are part of a class, a friendship group and a school. We promote this broader understanding of leadership at JSRACS which is why we have a culture where all students work to lead and act in ways worthy of members of our school, community and society.

You will find evidence of this culture of leadership at every level of the School.  In the Primary Years of Schooling, students from years 3 to 6 can nominate for a position as class councillor. There are 8 students per year level that make up the total group.


In year 6, there are many more opportunities to explore leadership in the primary school.  Opportunities to develop leadership roles as a House Captain, Chapel Monitor, Library Assistant or Flag Monitor are a few examples.


At JSRACS we see a culture of leadership that calls students to lead by their principles and daily practice no matter what position they hold in the School.  It is a culture that rests on a common language of self-esteem, understanding and compassion and it takes shape in the students’ shared experiences across their years at the School.

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