Primary School

The School day starts at 8.45am and ends at 3.30pm.  Primary classrooms are open for students to begin organising their day at 8.30am each day.  Recess is from 10.45am to 11.05am with lunch from 12.25pm to 1.05pm.  Students can be on school grounds from 8.25am in the morning when duty supervision commences and are supervised until 4pm.

Middle and Senior Secondary School

The School day starts at 8.40am and ends at 3.35pm. Each class runs for 60 minutes. Recess is from 10.55am to 11.15am and Lunch is from 12.50pm – 1.30pm. The school library is open from 7.30am, Monday to Friday and is open after school until 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and until 4.00pm on Friday. Students are encouraged to use the library for homework and study during these times.