Outdoor Education – Kayaking

We are one of the luckiest groups of Outdoor Edders going around. Why you ask? For a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by an absolutely awesome bunch of year twelve individuals, who despite all being very different, get along really well.

Secondly, our three-day sea kayaking camp, which we worked so hard to plan and organise, got cancelled…. but we managed to get permission for a two-day excursion to go ahead instead. The students worked diligently to rearrange and restructure everything to work over two days, which displayed a great deal of adaptability and maturity.

The first day we headed off from Point Peron Marina out into the Shoalwater Marine park, making our way through some hectic reef breaks to Penguin Island. It sure tested the teamwork and communication skills of the paddling partners as they negotiated the waves, swell surges and reef. On our way to Penguin Island we passed Seal Island where we were so lucky to see a pod of male seals basking on the sandy beach. One curious juvenile came right up to the kayaks and was rolling playfully in front of us. Penguin Island was a welcome break – although with the wind picking up it was only a short one. Being immersed in nature in this uncertain time was amazing and we really appreciated the opportunity to be out on the open ocean. The paddle home was difficult in the wind and everyone had to dig deep, showing resilience and perseverance to get back in time. Their encouragement and support of one another was excellent and I was extremely proud of the overall functioning of our amazing group.

The second day was a lot more relaxing, with excellent weather conditions preparing us for a magic day on the water. We paddled over to Garden Island from the Rockingham foreshore, stopping at a sheltered beach for a short break before heading around to the west side of the island. We found a deserted beach and pulled up for lunch and to explore and snorkel.

Despite the unfolding events in the community, we were able to distance ourselves and enjoy the serenity of nature. Each student was delegated certain parts of the excursions in which they were group leaders and obtained invaluable experience. They worked very well in their teams and were able to achieve their group and many personal goals. I am immensely proud of their efforts, particularly their determination, over the two days and hope it will be an experience they won’t ever forget.

Mrs Brooke Lyons

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