Friday 16 November
Wednesday 5 December

Year 12 (2018 Leavers) WACE Exams end
Year 7-12 Presentation Night

Our ATAR Year 12 students didn’t exactly have a holiday during the last term break. For some, the first week contained their WACE practical examinations. Following this, throughout the second week of the holidays and up to Tuesday of the first week of this term, Year 12 ATAR students completed their Year 12 Mock written exams. As usual, our students conducted themselves with exemplary behaviour during this time and it was clear that the vast majority were putting in 100% effort. What more could anybody ask for? Our external examination supervisors were very impressed with the conduct of our students. Parents should feel proud of these fine young adults.

Following the review of the Mock Exams, our ATAR students completed their final external exams during November, with the last exam finally over on Friday 16 November. The reward of a very long summer holiday has been well and truly earnt by our ATAR students.

We also know that some of our non-ATAR students have settled into their apprenticeships, and are enjoying the experience of the adult workforce, especially the bit about getting paid and not having to come to school. It has been lovely to hear from some of our recent graduates. For any past students who are looking for an apprenticeship but who have not yet been able to secure one, I encourage you to get in touch with the Apprenticeship Community who may be able to assist you with finding an apprenticeship. Details can be found online. This is a free professional service, so make contact if you’d like an apprenticeship. Training is available in more than 600 qualifications across Australia, not just the traditional trades.

Year 10 written examinations will conclude on Friday, 16 November. After examinations have been marked some students may be able to change a course for Year 11 for which they were unable to be signed off for earlier this year. Students in this situation should hold off on purchasing some of their textbooks for 2019, or if they do purchase their books they should not write on them so they can be exchanged should the student make any changes to their courses for next year.

At a recent Senior School assembly students were recognised and congratulated for academic excellence. Based on the system used by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, students were awarded certificates of Merit and Distinction based on their achievement across the whole year. To achieve these certificates it takes a great deal of effort, dedication and pure hard work, and for this these students are to congratulated. We also recognised that not all students can be awarded a certificate, and there are many students working just as hard to achieve their personal best who also deserve to feel proud of their achievements.

With Year 10 and 11 students recently completing exams, it is a great time for students to review and reflect on their own results, and give themselves an ‘academic check-up’. It is also a good time to set goals for 2019. During the presentation of certificates, even though we briefly looked at some pictures of the popular Incredibles, it was noted that our high performing students were not born with superpowers, they have worked hard to achieve these results. In order to achieve ‘incredible’ results as they strive for personal excellence, students were asked to think about their mindset and were reminded of the importance of having a vision and setting goals for their future, the importance of their own personal effort, of having systems of organisation and study in place in order to achieve their best, of practice when it comes to study, and the importance of their overall attitude, determination and commitment. The presentation used at the assembly, acknowledging various certificate winners, other significant achievements and summarising the important attributes of students who “stretch themselves academically” can be found by clicking on this link.

The Year 11 Camp was held at Swan Valley Adventure Centre from Wednesday, 24 October until Friday, 26 October. 159 students and 18 staff enjoyed three valuable days away from the school campus bonding and having serious fun rotating through activities involving Team Building, the Flying Fox, Jacobs Ladder, Frisbee Golf, Catapult Building, Mountain Biking, the Blackout Zone, a Commando Course and Capture the Flag. Games and reflections during the evening topped off the fun-filled days to make the camp a great transition from Year 11 into Year 12, where students are the senior leaders in our school. The camp will no doubt be a very memorable experience.

A lovely Valedictory Dinner for Year 12 students and their parents. was held at Belvoir Homestead on Wednesday, 19 September at the end of last term. The historic, iconic Australian venue provided a very elegant setting in which to celebrate this poignant occasion. The Class of 2018 were presented with their Valedictory Certificates, a JSRACS mug displaying all of the names of the Class of 2018, and a locally made wooden pen which was a gift from our P & F. This year’s class are the last leaving class to be presented with the handmade wooden pens, handcrafted by local wood hobbyist and retiree Colin Horton. The beautiful pens have been crafted by Colin each year for the past 22 years, using wood he collected from the school area. Sadly Colin is unable to continue making the pens due to his arthritis, and over the years the school P&F has been very fortunate to have been able to give these beautiful pens to our leaving students.

Following the announcement of the Year 12 Leadership team at the end of last term, student leaders for 2019 spent Tuesday, 23 October participating in a Leadership Training and Orientation Day. Guest speaker Graham Hyman from Youth Specialties Australia challenged and inspired students about personal responsibility, resilience and leadership. Student leaders from Swan Valley Anglican Community School joined us at JSRACS for the programme.