Senior School

Our Approach

With the support of the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Pastoral Care and the Careers Co-ordinator, the focus for years 10 to 12 is on fine-tuning our student’s interests realised during the middle school years. It is a time when our students consider their future and choose the pathway that best suits their individual talents, interests and passions as they prepare for the next stage in their life. 

As a community, we recognise that our staff are our greatest asset. They are a passionate, innovative and caring group of professionals who are experts in their subject area. Their collective goal is to inspire, support and nurture our students to achieve their personal best. They understand that each student comes to JSRACS with their own individual strengths, challenges and passions. Therefore, to support our students through the transitional period of the senior school, we have designed a curriculum that provides students with various pathways to help them achieve success.

We are proud of the strong academic results our students have achieved in recent years. This success not only shows our increasing high academic performance but also the depth of achievements by our students. 

Mother and Daughter at Valedictory

Year 10

The Year to Explore

Year 10 is a time for students to Explore their true academic capabilities, interests and strengths.

Year 11

The Year to Commit

Year 11 is the time for students to Commit to their chosen Pathway as they strive for personal excellence.

Year 12

The Year to Thrive

This is the year for students to Thrive. Students are supported as they thrive in their wellbeing and academic studies to ensure they leave JSRACS achieving their own personal success.
School Captains with School flag

The three year Senior School Journey equps students for challenges beyond school, both with their career and personal growth

Year 10 Year to Explore - Outdoor Education Rock climbing

Year 10
The Year to Explore