Phases of Learning

Senior School Leadership

Senior School Leadership

Students in Senior School have many opportunities to become involved in leadership positions. These positions are guided by the Associate Principal for Senior School, the Director of Pastoral Care for Senior School and the Year Coordinators.


Though a ballot process, Year 12 students are appointed to a variety of leadership positions including: School Captains, School Vice Captains, Sports Captains, Arts Captains, House Captains and Peer Support Prefects.  Pastoral Care Groups in Year 10 and 11 elect two Student Councillors to represent their PCG and House for the duration of the school year. Elected students are commissioned in early February, becoming actively involved in  School and House events, fundraising activities for charities and providing an important voice for the students in their PCG.

Senior School and Middle School student representatives work closely together to promote House spirit, particularly during major school events such as the Interschool Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Hymn Singing and Theatre Sports, leading Senior School assemblies and other key school events.


A key responsibility for our Senior School leaders is organising a fundraising project for the duration of their leadership. They work closely with leaders from Middle School and Primary to choose a recipient(s) for the fundraising and to develop ideas for raising funds as well as the implementation of these ideas.  Past leadership groups have successfully raised money for the development of whole schools, much needed bathrooms and food distribution centres in overseas locations with impoverished children, as well as donating to local children’s charities and sponsoring a room at the new Ronald McDonald House.


Students elected to the above positions act as role models for their peers. They are amongst the first members of the school community that new parents meet, through their role as tour guides on open days. Consequently, they are expected to uphold the values of the School at all times.

"Our aspiration is for JSRACS students
to be architects of their lives..."

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program has been running since 2001 and has become a popular programme for our senior students.  A student centred program run by the Year 11 and 12 leaders, the focus of Peer Support is on making the transition for Year 7 students into high school a more enjoyable and exciting experience whilst building a culture of leadership throughout the secondary school years.


Year 11 leaders, operating in small teams of 4-6, work with their allocated Year 7 pastoral care group (PCG) each week, discussing numerous issues present in school today, including bullying, racial discrimination, cyber-safety, homework and organisation, making friends and building relationships, family life and communication, and drugs.


The running of the program is a journey of three phases filled with laughter, tears and a great deal of warm fuzzies. In the first phase, potential leaders are invited to apply for the program in Year 10, completing an application form, attending a number of meetings and then a three-day training camp. This camp is designed to teach about and explore with the applicants their roles as Peer Support leaders and how to successfully manage this role. Through many a late night, numerous animated discussions and a great deal of fun, the applicants leave the camp with a great deal more knowledge and a greater sense of unity as a peer group.


Having completed the camp Year 11 students are then divided into 6 groups, one for each PCG and mentored by our Year 12 leaders.  They plan, organise and run lessons with their allocated PCG during PCG2 time.  During these lessons they get to know the Year 7 students quite well and can support and encourage them outside the classroom when they see them.

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