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Specialist Programs


Specialist Programs

The pursuit of personal excellence is set as a goal for all students and particularly participants in the school’s specialist programs.

Our Specialist Programs pay specific attention to the needs and interests of all students at JSRACS. These programs aim to diversify the learning at JSRACS as well as further enhance the strong community we have at our School.


The current specialist programs on offer at JSRACS include: Basketball, Gifted and Talented, Performing Arts and Cadets

Basketball Program

Commencing in 2019, our Basketball Program continues to move from strength to strength. Working with a strength and conditioning Coach, Aussie Prospects and with scholarships available, your son or daughter will be provided with opportunities to pursue excellence in the sport.

Cadet Program

The Cadet Program is in it's 25th Year this year and is available for both Primary and Secondary students in our school and broader community.

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