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Support Services

We value the diversity of our learners at JSRACS and inclusive education is integral to the ethos of our school. Our commitment and approach to effective early intervention includes development of effective working relationships with students, families and other professionals, child and family-centred planning, processes of identification, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of children’s learning needs using a range of modes that have proven effectiveness and support inclusion.


In response to the diverse needs of our students, we have developed a range of support systems to assist students in their everyday learning. We support students with a range of additional needs and disabilities across K-12 and all of these students are taught in mainstream classes alongside their peers, rather than in a Special Education Centre.


Our core business is to make a positive difference in our students’ lives, and empower them to take ownership of their learning. We view each student holistically, incorporating educational, socio-emotional, pastoral care and personal need within our assessment to determine the most appropriate support structures and action plan. We work collaboratively with students, teaching staff, and families to overcome specific barriers in learning and participation, and to foster problem-solving skills and independence to optimise outcomes.

"Our aspiration is for JSRACS students
to be architects of their lives..."

Communication and language skills enable children to experience a sense of belonging and social connectedness, and develop meaning about the world. These skills are essential for socio-emotional development, leading to self-efficacy and positive self-identity.


Acquired language skills support the successful transition into literacy competency, and are an indicator of likely academic achievement. Therefore, literacy skill acquisition is integral to learning and everyday living. Irrespective of verbal and nonverbal capability, all children need the opportunity to develop these skills to advance their learning and development. Such skills enable meaningful engagement with the curriculum, individualised or mainstream, and capacity-building.


Our challenge as educators is to recognise and determine level of individual need in order to develop and implement a plan of support Offering the appropriate levels of tailored support requires specialist skills and experience, not only to be able to engage with our students in a mainstream setting but also to be successful at adapting, reviewing and adjusting the support framework to promote levels of independence and self-worth in each student. Our drive is for individual students to have the opportunity for success at school and to learn skills that prepare them for adulthood.


Alongside this level of support, the school Counsellor (a registered psychologist) works with students, teachers, school staff, parents and external professionals or agencies providing advice and support for students’ overall wellbeing. This may include psychometric assessment, counselling and consultation, resulting in the collaborative implementation of effective strategies and outcomes for students.

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