Phases of Learning

Teaching and Learning


Teaching and Learning

We aim to inspire students to enjoy learning and be motivated to achieve personal excellence. We acknowledge the individual strengths of students, and staff are able to cater for the range of ability in the classroom to both support and challenge.



“We enjoy work that is hands on, engaging and interactive”
Student Snapshot

During Years 7-9, students are at a learning stage where relevance and engagement are essential to cultivate growth. These students experience a multitude of changes in social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects that impact their learning. Our goal is to create experiences and authentic learning opportunities that are thought provoking, encouraging students to achieve their best.


Project based learning creates an authentic learning experience with a significant influence on the personal lives of students. Experiences are integrated into the teaching and learning program. They bring together concepts learnt in various disciplines and allow students to explore problems relating to the ‘real world,’ with the aim to engage and inspire. Subject choices are provided to all Middle School students, providing options to continually follows passion or try something new. This personalised approach encourages students to own their learning and creates a more positive learning environment.

Super Learning Days enhance, celebrate and provide opportunities for further learning across all areas of the curriculum and beyond. Cross-curricular, multi-year group learning experiences will be developed and involve guest speakers, special workshops, and other experience-based activities on campus.

"I learn best when I have
clear goals and instructions"

Gifted and Talented Program

Students who are identified for our Gifted and Talented program have individualised plans set to enhance their learning. Additional opportunities for these students to work collaboratively on projects and partake in competitions are provided which aim to motivate, inspire and continue to improve the academic levels of gifted and talented students.

Inclusive Education

Our Education Support Services team work on a predominantly integrated approach to education, where students with learning needs are welcomed and supported in the classroom. This involves specialised intervention programs and Foundation English and Mathematics classes.

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