Our School

Vision, Mission and Values

Pictured is an older student working with two younger students as they explore the herb garden.

Vision, Mission and Values

John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School is a school of The Anglican Schools Commission with a mission to build a Christian community of learners, to provide a quality educational experience, and to nurture the whole person in the three dimensions of mind, body and spirit.

Our Vision

JSRACS – A diverse community of Faith, Hope and Love, where students seek the best of the human spirit in themselves and others.

John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School will be a dynamic, Christian community that offers a broad, high quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. We will embrace the educational challenges and opportunities of the future, where each student will be encouraged to explore their spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and creative capacities. We value the individuality of all community members and cultivate a global perspective that all may seek the best of the human spirit in themselves and others.

Our Mission

We provide an education which, secure in the traditions of our past and our Christian belief, opens students’ minds to the rich diversity of the world in which they live and challenges them to be curious and explore everything they find with integrity and compassion. We will do this in an engaging, relational environment which nurtures self-expression and self-worth while promoting the uniqueness of each student.

Pictured is a young woman painting at an easel.

Our Values

Faith in Christ.
Faith in each other.
Faith in ourselves to make a difference.

Hope in Christ.
Hope for each other.
Hope for a better future.

Love for Christ.
Love for each other.
Love that knows no boundaries.

Discover Your Full Potential.