Councelling Hub

Counselling Hub

At JSRACS we are fortunate to have two Psychologists and a Social Worker on staff to support our students, parents and staff.  
Our Counselling Team can provide useful resources that will assist as you journey on the pathway called parenthood.
The team have also set up a blog that can be accessed via SEQTA that will not provide answers to all of your questions and it will not replace professional advice, however, it may give you a laugh, a breather, and the knowledge to know you are not alone when the challenges come (and we know they will come).
Should you have concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the team

In this growing age of technology and online media, how do we protect our kids, whilst teaching them digital citizenship and empowering them to make the best choices to grow and develop into healthy adults?

The eSafety Commissioner’s website has lots of useful resources parents can access given the ever present need to help our young people stay safe online and avoid disturbing content. For some parent tips check out the following resources:

Below are some useful contact details and websites that may help you navigate our current situation:


  • You can find contact details for Counselling Services HERE.
  • Any young person who feels anxious specifically about the COVID-19 developments can access support and information from HeadSpace HERE.
  • Email: [email protected]

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