Year 10 Course Handbook 2023

The Year 10 Course Handbook provides descriptions of the Courses offered to Year 10 students.

Students will study a set of Compulsory Courses, these being English, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health Education and Religious Studies. Students will be able to indicate a preference for three more courses from the Specialist Courses that are listed in this handbook.

Students will be assigned to the compulsory course level of English, HASS, Mathematics and Science, appropriate to their aptitude, ability and performance. This information will be provided to parents towards the end of Term Four and parents will be able to contact Heads of Department if they have any queries about these placements. The three other compulsory courses of Religion Studies, Physical Education and Health Education are all of a general nature with all students following the same course for each of these subject areas.

Please note a student choosing a Language can only choose one Language. In Design and Technology
even though students can choose up to two courses, we may not be able to facilitate placing all students
who choose two courses into both courses. Students in the Basketball program cannot choose Physical
Education studies. Students may choose any combination of the other specialist courses offered. In some
instances students may not receive all of their first three preferences due to timetable restrictions. In these
cases students will be interviewed and advised of all of the possible options and given their highest choice
possible, and parents will be consulted.