Academic Scholarships for 2025


Now Open

Academic Scholarships at JSRACS

Year 7 Academic Scholarships for 2025 are now open.

The JSRACS  Academic Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence or ability, a commitment to learning, and support for the School’s values.


JSRACS will soon welcome applications from students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents residing in Western Australia entering Year 7 2025. Students currently enrolled at JSRACS, students who have enrolled to commence at JSRACS in 2025, and prospective students are invited to apply.


Students applying for an Academic Scholarship will be required to sit a selection of Academic Scholarship testing papers. All applicants will be required to pay $40 to sit the test.


Please note: The results of the testing will be only one factor of consideration when awarding Academic Scholarships.

Key Dates:

Opening Date: Monday 29 January

Closing date: Friday 29 March

Testing Date: Saturday 20 April

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