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Year 7 Camp


Year 7 Camp

Wednesday 2 February – Friday 4 February 2022

As part of the Schools Transition program, year Seven Students will be attending a camp from Wednesday the 2 February to Friday the 4 February 2022. 


The programme for this camp will consist of activities including beach team building, supervised water-based activities and adventure experiences. In addition to these activities’ students will engage with current JSRACS students, including our student leaders, selected JSRACS Alumni and JSRACS academic and support staff who will coordinate sessions themed around welcoming our Year 7 students into the Middle School community.

The Camp has been deliberately designed to enhance the opportunity for students to engage with one another in a less formal setting to build strong and positive relationships within the year group. This is a significant aspect of our Transition program and an important rite of passage for students commencing their Middle School journey. As such, this camp integrates with the school curriculum and all students are expected to attend for the duration of the camp. We focus on this being a time of great change for each child, as such the School surrounds the students at this time with high levels of support to ensure a smooth transition process.


Students will be required at school by 8.30am on Wednesday the 2 February.  On their return to school, buses will drop students off outside the Middle School (internal school road) on Friday the 4 February at approximately 3.30 pm students can then be collected and depart School as per normal arrangements.


Please make sure the Consent2Go email relating to this camp is completed as soon as possible after this has been received.


I trust that this aspect of the transition process will be a positive experience for your child and provide them with a smooth start to their Middle School journey.

Please contact Mrs Julie Biggins Director of Pastoral Care Middle School should you have any further questions or enquiries 9247 2242 | [email protected]

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