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Year 7 Parent Welcome Pack

Welcome to JSRACS, thank you for choosing to join our vibrant learning community. Below you will find links and information to help you as you start your journey with us.

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I encourage parents/caregivers to discuss these options with your child in preparation for subject selections. Please review the Course Outline Document and the Year 7 Elective Selection Letter for information regarding the teaching and learning opportunities for Year 7 2022.

All parents will be sent an email with details regarding the process and program of Year 7 Subject Selections, which will occur through an online system named EDVAL Choice.

Confirmation and details regarding all events below will be communicated closer to the date.

The Orientation Day – Friday, November 12

The Transition Parent Evening (With the P&F Meeting to follow) – Monday, November 15 at 6.30pm

The Transition Camp – Wednesday, 2 February to Friday 4 February

The Parent Sundowner – Wednesday, 9 February



Each current JSRACS student and their families have been invited the attend a 30-minute personalized Tour of the Secondary School. This provides an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves in what will be their new surroundings and be able to see for themselves what the Secondary School has to offer. In addition, you will be able to discuss your child’s transition into the Middle School and their individual educational experience.


The Tours have been conducted by the Associate Principal – Middle School, the Directors of Pastoral Care or the Director of Teaching and Learning. All booked tours will commence at the Main Administration building at the Mirrabooka Campus, arrangements to collect your child from class for this tour should be made by parents using normal processes.


New Families are welcome to attend any of our existing scheduled group School Tours advertised on the JSRACS website. Click here to book a tour.

A personalised letter will be emailed to parents/guardians or handed to your child mid-term 4 to confirm your child’s elective subjects for year 7, 2022.

This information should be used for planning and preparation for the 2022 academic year.

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