Primary and Secondary

Co-Curricular and
personal pursuits

Co-curricular and Personal Pursuits

Balancing an academic focus with personal pursuit

JSRACS supports our students as they achieve excellent academic results and personal success by balancing our academic focus with sport, music, performances, competitions and community initiatives that allow each student to celebrate their individual interests and talents while developing self-worth and confidence.

Something for every student

JSR’s Co-Curricular program enhances the specialist classes available to all students as part of the classroom program. It caters for every student and offers a vast range of sports, arts, music, drama and dance. These activities aim to offer a balance to the academic focus, allowing each student to deepen their understanding and interest in their chosen pursuits and future pathways.
Students from Year 3 onwards can build on their existing interests, develop their skills and find new avenues to explore. Availability will depend on a student’s year level.

Primary Co-Curricular Opportunities

Secondary Co-Curricular Opportunities


“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”. John F Kennedy


At JSRACS, we recognise the value of sport as a vital part of a balanced education and offer a wide range of sports, with first-class facilities on campus.

Co-curricular personal pursuits NWAS sport

Performing Arts and Drama

Drama is an integral part of the JSRACS Co-Curricular Programs, catering for singers, actors and backstage technicians from Primary School through to Year 12.  Our aim is to fully develop a student’s talents and skills, by encouraging each student to take part in the preparation and performance of School productions.


The program is designed to enrich, extend, develop confidence and accelerate your child’s learning. Performance is a key component of the program and your child will have the opportunity to perform in front of a variety of audiences, including in our much anticipated annual Drama and Musical productions and the annual Interhouse Theatre sports competition

Principal's Desk Term 2


The JSRACS Music Department offers a wide range of musical experiences for every child from Year 2 through to Year 12.  Our aim is to be inclusive of all students and to provide enriching and exciting musical experiences.


There are a number of ensembles at the school led by a dedicated and experienced music staff who rehearse each group for the busy calendar of concerts that occur throughout the year. Our concerts are held at the School, throughout Perth and overseas.

Co-curricular-personal-pursuits Music Gala Night at Perth Concert Hall


Dance is celebrated at JSRACS through a variety of performance based experiences catering for all ages and levels. The cocurricular program provides each student with the opportunity to progress in their technique, develop confidence and enrich and enhance creativity.


Within the program students also have the opportunity to get to know like-minded peers and develop new friendships through the various clubs on offer.


There are three types of cadets groups offered at JSR, including the River Rangers for Year 5 and 6 students, Bush Rangers and Emergency Service Cadets for Years 7-12.  


River Rangers

JSRACS is one of only a few schools in the state that offers the Cadet program, River Rangers to students in Years 5 and 6. River Rangers seeks to engage and educate the next generation of children to help us protect our local rivers. It aims to empower students to make positive change to their local communities and waterways and ultimately, their local river park. River Rangers allows students to actively investigate local issues and design, evaluate and share the results of their projects with other schools and the wider community.


Students can be involved in a great range of fun activities including;

  • Abseiling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Weekend camp
  • First aid
  • Working safely in nature
  • Team building skills
Cadets patting a dingo

Bush Rangers

The Bush Ranger Cadet program is overseen by the Department of Conservation (DEC) and is a Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) endorsed program.


The cadets are involved in working safely in nature, the use of hand held radios for communication whilst in the field and studying the environment, particularly looking at reptiles and birds of prey.  Bush craft and survival skills are also an important part of the program.  Students work with Kartkoortiern, learning about the aboriginal culture and history of the area.


Drill is part of the program, along with the development of leadership skills and teamwork.  The Bush Ranger Cadets work in partnership with Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Coast Care, UWA and Yanchep National Park. The cadets participate in two weekend camps in terms 1, 2 and 3.  They have a 5-day camp in the second week of the October school holidays.  Fun activities are part of the program, and they include rock climbing, abseiling, raft building, canoeing, archery, orienteering, cycling and camping.


Emergency Services

The Emergency Service Cadet program is overseen by the Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) and is a Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) endorsed program.  The cadets are involved in understanding the nature of fire, the effects of fire and how to prevent and fight fires. The use of fire fighting equipment is studied, including fire extinguishers. Bushcraft and survival skills are an important part of the program. Drill is part of the program as well as developing leadership and team-building skills.  The cadets work in partnership with Malaga Fire Station and Stirling SES.  The cadets participate in two weekend camps in terms 1, 2 and 3. They have a 5 day camp in the second week of the October school holidays.  Fun activities are part of the program and include rock climbing, abseiling, raft building, canoeing, navigation and camping.


Cadets meet on Mondays afternoons during the school term from 3.45pm – 5.30pm, and there is no additional cost to parents.


If you would like to know more – or are interested in joining us, please contact the Cadet Coordinator, Mr Sean Hales via 92479364 or [email protected]