School Fees


School Fees

We understand that an independent school education is a very big investment for most families and we thank you for considering John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School for your child. In addition to our Scholarships, we also offer the following opportunities to help support our families.

Sibling Discount

We will reduce the Tuition Fees payable by full-time students attending concurrently, where there are siblings or step-siblings living predominantly at the same address. The applicable reductions are:


20% of Tuition Fees for the second child

30% of Tuition Fees for the third child

50% of Tuition Fees for the fourth child and

100% for the fifth and subsequent children

"Our aspiration is for JSRACS students
to be architects of their lives..."

Tuition Fees per Term as of 1 January 2024

Please note the tuition fees listed below indicate both the annual fees and the fees per term.
The fees for students in Year 1 through to Year 9 includes text books. Students in Kindy to Pre Primary are required to pay an additional $75.00/year for consumable items.

Year Group Term Fee Annual Fee
Pre-Kindergarten – Half Day
per session (half a day/3 hours)
Pre Kindergarten – Full Day
per day (two sessions on one day)
Kindergarten (5 full days per week)
Pre-Primary to Year 2
Year 3 to Year 6
Year 7 to Year 9
Year 10 to Year 12 (textbooks not included)

School fees are set and charged as an annual fee, however, we do provide several payment options to support our families with managing their payments over the four school terms. Year 12 fees are charged at the same annual fee level, with payment options available over four terms.


For a more detailed breakdown of the school fees please click the link below.

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