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Discover the range of Scholarships at JSRACS available for 2025 entry.


JSRACS offers four scholarships for students attending a school other than JSRACS including our Academic Scholarship two Community Scholarships, the James Martin Scholarship and a Basketball Scholarship, which includes participation in the Basketball Specialist Program. The award of a scholarship is at the discretion of the Principal. Applicants must be Australian permanent residents or citizens.


For Scholarships enquiries, please contact [email protected]


For further information on each scholarship, click on the scholarship listed below.5

Academic Scholarship

Scholarships are currently closed and will open again in the new year for Year 7, 2025

Year 7 and 10 Community Scholarships

The Terry Hann and David Hill Scholarships are offered to students in Year 7 and 10 who demonstrate a track record in all-round effort and achievement, together with a positive attitude to their learning and a willingness to embrace new challenges and engage in a range of exciting co-curricular activities.

Primary Scholarships

New to JSRACS are The Reverend Canon Joanne Baynes and Mr Robert Baynes Primary Scholarships awarded to two students for the duration of their Primary School education at JSRACS.
Scholarships are now closed

Basketball Scholarship

Supplementing the holistic education provided by the school, the Specialised Basketball Program at JSRACS aims to develop physical skills and fitness, teamwork and interpersonal skills.
Scholarships are now closed

James Martin Scholarship

This Scholarship is a tribute to Old Scholar, James Martin who was killed in action on 29 August 2012.
This scholarship is open to all Defence Force Families.